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We are on a fitness kick! We want to look good and feel even better. It’s time to put away your puffy jackets & pick up a new tank and pair of shorts. But before we get ready to do that… we are getting our workout routine down! We did some searching around Oxford and made a list of our favorite places to workout!

Orange Theory: (662) 380-5149


Your first class at Orange Theory is FREE! With each 60-minute class, you will run on the treadmill, use the rowing machine and lift weights. This energetic HIIT class is next-level with their heart rate monitor system that personalizes each workout to best suit your body. We love how energetic and motivating each and every class is and can definitely feel the burn after (in a good way).

HOTWORX:  (662) 638-3580


HOTWORX is virtually instructed and is open 24/7! Each workout is in a small sauna that fits about 3 people. The infrared heat causes you to sweat more than your average workout and activates the body’s regenerative process. There is an option between a 15min HIIT class and a 30min isometric workout. The first class is FREE and the staff is very accommodating to let you try out the different types of workouts. We feel rebooted after each class and love it!

Cardio Barre: 662-638-3309


Cardio Barre is a no impact workout with a lot of energy! The first class is FREE. If you want to tone anything and everything, Cardio Barre is the answer! Mixing barre work, lightweights and continual motion, Cardio Barre will have you looking amazing. They also have an area for your kids to play and be watched while you get in your workout which is SO helpful! PLUS, our girl Courtney McKibbon teaches classes there too 🙂

Exc!te: 662-638-3244


Exc!te has the BEST cycling and pilates! They have incredible instructors that help to push and motivate you to keep going. Exc!te plays great music and brings out something in us that we didn’t know was there! We always leave feeling super accomplished ( & sweaty).

Southern Star Yoga: (662) 607-3222


Southern Star Yoga offers a wide array of classes: All Levels, Ashtanga Yoga, Fundamentals, Gentle Yoga, Hot Yoga, Pre-Natal Yoga, Power Lunch Yoga (where you can leave early if you need to get back to work), and Vinyasa/Flow Yoga. All of their classes are wonderful and are suited for anyone whether you are just starting out or if you are looking for a little more challenge. The first class is only $12!

Pure Barre: 662-638-5272


Pure Barre is a full body workout that will tone and sculpt you! Each class follows the same general flow: Warm up, sculpt arms, tone thighs, lift seat, flatten abs and then cool down. Even though the flow is the same, the instructor makes sure that every class is different by switching up the music and the moves to give you an energetic workout that has been perfected! The first class is $10!

Hot Yoga Plus: 662-380-5009


Hot Yoga Plus offers every type of yoga and every temperature for everyone. Hot Yoga Plus is both our escape and workout. It is worth so much more than just a yoga class and aligns our thoughts and bodies. They have both calming and upbeat classes that will leave you feeling your best! Hot Yoga Plus also offers a student discount!!

Don’t Have Time for a Membership?

Sometimes life (and funds haha) get in the way of having time for a gym membership! When our schedules are stacked and the weather is nice, we love the good ole outdoors!

  • Ride a bike from campus along the Molly Barr trails
  • Catch up with your friends and call your parents while you walk around Lamar Park
  • Go for a run or walk your dog at the Whirlpool Trails

There really is no better feeling after a good workout so GO GET ‘EM GIRL!! Let us know which is your favorite or if there are others that we need to give a try!


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Date: April 18, 2018
Posted by: Anne-Marie Varnell
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