Valentine’s Day Gifts Around Oxford: For Him & For Her

LOVE is in the air! February 14th is fast approaching and we can’t wait to show our Valentines & GALentines how much we love them! The only thing is, sometimes it can be really hard to figure out what to get them… (and what we should nudge them to get us 😊) Luckily, this year we did some research around Oxford and found some of the best gifts to give and get for Valentine’s Day because we love YOU!


Hinton&Hinton–   IMG_2540 IMG_2545 First and foremost, TIESYou truly can’t go wrong with one of these. It seems like for any male gift-giving occasion, ties are always an easy go-to and something that your man can never have enough of. IMG_2581 A FLASK is another great & not too expensive gift for any man. The different design options help cater & personalize this gift for whoever you are buying for. IMG_2595 For your super special someonesplurge on this one! LEATHER BARBOUR BAGS will last your Valentine a lifetime and is something that he will really use and appreciate! ($800+)

Star Package Store IMG_2685

Star Package has our favorite selection of wine and spirits in Oxford! And let’s be honest ladies, men love their LIQUOR (second to us, of course).  This can be the perfect gift for someone you have recently started crushing on or for someone who has a true knowledge of fine liquor. Booze is always a great gift because it is offered at a wide range of prices! IMG_2682 IMG_2669



Oxford Floral

IMG_2536 IMG_2518

Nothing like a bouquet to make any Valentine’s Day. However, Oxford Floral’s bouquets are anything but #basic and are carefully put together!


IMG_2453 IMG_2443 MARLA AARON is the perfect gift to nudge your man for! Marla Aaron locks and chains are sold separately from each other to give countless combinations and make it a gift that can be added onto in the future!

IMG_2465 IMG_2461

TAYLOR WILKINSON DESIGNS has show-stopping pieces that you will want to beg your #Hub for! Her geometric designs are amazing and these are some of our favorite earrings of hers! (Rings, bracelets, and necklaces too!) Plus Taylor is an Oxford native, so shop local and you are supporting your town double time!


IMG_2630IMG_7891 IMG_7892

Every girl loves to be pampered, especially on Valentine’s Day! Zoe has an amazing assortment of bath products, makeup, and perfumes that we LOVE! Zoe’s bath product and makeup are the perfect gifts for all of your GALENTINES out there. Their perfumes can run around $300 and are a nice gift to ask for from someone special!

Oil Shed:

IMG_2662 IMG_2656

More flowers, succulents and Valentine’s Day happies! Oil Shed is one of our favorite finds, located right behind Oxford Canteen on North Lamar. It is perfect for those who love nontraditional plants and flowers! Bring in special vases to have them make personalized arrangements too! Or put together a private event for you and your besties and learn how to make a succulent garden!IMG_2644 IMG_2641 IMG_2634

Though we love celebrating with our loved ones year round, Valentine’s Day has always been a favorite! Hopefully, this helps make your gift giving ( & receiving, haha) a little easier for you!

Many X’s and O’s,

The Cicada Girls

Date: February 7, 2018
Posted by: Anne-Marie Varnell