Text Talk: What Does It Mean?

OMG, plz tell us that we aren’t the only ones that don’t understand all of the #TextTalk and lingo that people are using. I mean we try and stay up-to-date on it all, but sometimes we just have no idea and then end up feeling behind. SO, we have made a list of some of words and sayings that we have heard lately to help us ALL out!


GOAT: Greatest of All Time 

People say this all the time about their favorite sports players, to their friend after they help them with a favor and even about a TASTY sandwich.

“Thank you so much for doing that, you’re the GOAT.”


WOAT: Worst of All Time

Now, this is the opposite of GOAT & is something you wouldn’t want to be said about you or something.

“Wow, he is seriously the WOAT.”

Person A: “Oh no! My phone is on 1%.”Person B: “That’s the WOAT.”


Extra: Over the top / Excessive and dramatic behavior.

This isn’t necessarily a bad or good thing. Some might be “extra” in the fact that they are wearing a truly flamboyant outfit when everyone else is more casual and some may be considered “extra” if they pay attention to every. single. little. detail. that others would skip over.

“Look at all the rhinestones on my hot pink purse! I’m so extra but I love it!”

“I know it’s extra, but we should laminate each page of our project.”


Fire: Amazing or hot.

People are always describing outfits, good songs and incredible food as “fire.”

“You HAVE to wear that! You look FIRE.”

“This sandwich is fire. I am going to get it every time I come here now.”

“Have you heard Drake’s new song? It’s fire.”


RIP: Rest In Peace (to anything)

People use RIP to describe something that has been or will be ruined/destroyed/gone.

“RIP to my boots, they are f’d up from the rain.”


The Kardashian’s came up with this one of course 🙂 You also need to roll your tongue for the triple “R”.

Person A: “Let’s go to the baseball game today!” Person B: “OKRRR!”



SMH: Shake My Head

This is used to show disapproval over something or someone.

“I cannot believe that he just said that to you. Smh.”

“I can’t make it to your birthday dinner tonight because I have to study for my test tomorrow. Smh.”


ROFL: Rolling on the Floor Laughing

We use this one when we are texting our friends after they have said something funny or we have sent something to them that makes us laugh.

*sends a funny picture* “ROFL”


TTYL: Talk to you Later

This is usually sent in closing over text when you have somewhere to be quickly and can no longer text or might be used as a simple “good-bye.”

“Walking into this meeting right now! Ttyl!”


Bet: Sounds like a plan/ Sounds good!

Bet is used to confirm a plan to say “Okay great that sounds perfect. Let’s plan on that,” in just one word.

Person A: “Hey, I’ll pick you up in 15min and then we can go to South Depot for lunch.” Person B: “Okay, bet.”

Person A: “Are you going to the basketball game later?” Person B: “Yes! Are you?” Person A: “Bet. We are too! We should all sit together!”


Here are a few more that seem to be pretty popular, too!

Rn: Right Now

Shade: Attitude

Shook: Distraught/ Stunned

Triggered: Getting upset from seeing or hearing something

Boujee: High class/ Living Large/ Extra

OOTD: Outfit of the Day

IDGAF: I Don’t Give an F

Lit: Really fun/ Exciting/ Wild

Stay Woke: Keeping informed about the important things happening around you

ICYMI: In Case You Missed It

IYKYK: If you know, you know

Sus: Suspicious

It’s a lot, we know. But hopefully, this will help you decode anagrams and keep you more in the loop! Come stop by the store and let us know if we can help make anything else a little easier for you! We always love hearing from y’all!


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Date: February 28, 2018
Posted by: Anne-Marie Varnell
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