What Your Nail Polish Says About You

IMG_4396One of the best feelings in the world comes right after you get your nails done. When you know you are looking fierce, flawless, and completely pulled together! A lot of thought went into that color you are now rocking. It may be the one you always get or, maybe, you tried something new! Either way, your nail color says a lot about you.

Red: If you are a girl who loves to rock red, then you are a bold, trendy, and chic lady. Your sassy self is not afraid to make a statement!

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Nude: These shades are a flawless way to go. They show that you are low-maintenance, polished, and chill. You combine your easy manner with a classy touch.

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Black: Girl you are BOLD!!! Those black nails will draw some attention, but you aren’t afraid of some looks because you are daring, edgy, and super confident.
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Pink: This color is sweet, feminine, flirty, and ultra-romantic. You are the epitome of class but never brag about it. You always look pulled together and professional!

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Blue: Fun-loving and creative, you come up with the most fun and crazy ideas! You love being playful and laughing at everything. You make those around you feel young and wild!

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Purple: Purple lovers are ultra-luxurious. You bring artistic and romantic vibes to everything you do (in the most fabulous way). Friends only wish they could have your taste in all things fantastic, artistic, and romantic!!

Date: September 13, 2017
Posted by: Anne-Marie Varnell
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