Meet the Designer: Taylor Wilkinson

IMG_1001It all started with a jewelry box. Taylor Wilkinson, the owner the Oxford-based company Taylor Wilkinson Design, used to sort through her Grandmother’s jewelry & repurposed what she found. From there, she wanted to “convey her own, personal style in a more authentic way,” Wilkinson says.

After some sketching, Wilkinson began to design her bold geometric pieces made out of sterling silver and 18k gold vermeil. From charms to earrings, Wilkinson has incredible & BADA** pieces that are designed in Mississippi made to order in Kentucky and will be sure to catch your eye.


“This collection is truly a representation of my personality, the way I dress, and the jewelry that really speaks to who I am,” Wilkinson says about TWD.

After launching in April of 2017, TWD has already seen great success with coverage from magazines like Southern Living and ELLE. However, Wilkinson says her favorite moments are those with women who “light up and immediately see that yes– they can step out of the box and both look & feel like a million bucks” with her pieces.


Looking back at the past year of Taylor Wilkinson Design, Wilkinson admits that starting your own business is “a hustle and a commitment,” – but that hasn’t held Wilkinson back. She recently released the TWD “Minis” which can be worn alone or paired.

IMG_1054IMG_0954Wilkinson says that we can expect to see more charms & some really fun, bold pieces THIS SPRING.

Going forward, Wilkinson hopes to build the buzz around her first collection and to eventually have global brand recognition. “Shoot for the stars, right?!” Wilkinson says & we have no doubt that she will make it!

We are so thrilled to now carry Taylor Wilkison Designs and even luckier to know Taylor, herself! Be sure to come check out TWD’s incredible pieces and get ready to fall in love with them!


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Date: December 6, 2017
Posted by: Anne-Marie Varnell