Holiday Gifts Under $70

IMG_5259Happy Holidays– it’s the Season of Giving! There is nothing better than giving somebody a gift that they really love. However, I don’t know about you, but it seems like each year there are about five more people added to the “I need to get them something” list. With that, it’s not always the easiest on the bank during the holidays. So we decided to make it a little #easier and make a list of our Cicada approved holiday gifts for under $70. We are a little biased, but our personal favorite would be a gift card to Cidada. However, here is a list of our other absolute favs:

Zoe of Oxford- Exfoliating Sugar Cubes, Champagne Bears, FLASHASQUE Milk Peel Exfoliant Lacté. This is perfect for all of your beauty lovers.


Square Books- Cookbook, American Jewel Headphones, Candle, Popsocket & Socks.


Nail Bar- Gift Cards. Every girl loves getting manicures and this is a super easy way to make someone’s holiday!


Star Package Store- Wine, Beer & Spirits. They have SUCH great collections to choose from small sets to fine liquor.


J. Olive Co- Oils, Balsamic & Honey. Perfect gift for your foodies! Their oils can be the finishing touch to any appetizer or meal!


Saint Leo- Gift Card. We can never get enough of this place and would be thrilled to get a gift card here. Saint Leo if perfect for your date night, a fun night out with the girls & for when you don’t have time to cook!


The Oil Shed- Flowers & Succulents. Flowers never fail to brighten up a room or smile. The Oil Shed is right behind the Canteen & we know that you will fall in love with it!

IMG_1268 IMG_1253 IMG_1264

For any other gift ideas, come stop in Cicada for some suggestions! We hope that this list makes your holiday shopping a little easier & your wallet a little heavier. Much love from us to you!

xoxo & happy holidays,

The Cicada Girls

Date: December 13, 2017
Posted by: Anne-Marie Varnell