Must-Haves: Hair Product Edition

Helloooo ladies! After getting so much positive feedback from our recent post on our #Must-Have skincare products, we thought we would move onto one of our other favorites: Hair Products! Ooh la la!

With the beginning of 2018 & the second half of the school year already in full swing, we are ready for our hair to swing, shine and look sleek, too. Whether you need a little extra something to prep your hair or you don’t really want to “do” anything, we have got your fix from start to finish!

Starting w/ the Shower!


Olaplex- Hair Perfector No.3 (Diana and Ellen): Olaplex is about to change your hair’s life. Use this stuff twice a week before your shampoo and your hair will be feeling more soft and healthier than it has been in a while!


Pravana- The Perfect Blonde Purple Toning Masque (Janie): ATTENTION BLONDES! You will LOVE this! This Masque takes out brassy tones and will make your blonde, blonder. What you might not know is that BRUNETTES can use this too! If your brown hair is looking a little redder than you think it should, this will cancel those red tones out!

After You Towel Dry


Moroccan Oil- Treatment (Eleanor): Have you ever met someone who didn’t love this stuff? Put a dab of the oil on your fingertips to gloss over the ends of your hair after showering! It will make brushing and styling your hair easier, while tending to any damaged ends. You can also put this all over your hair at night, put on a shower cap while you sleep, wash it off in the morning and have amazing hair for a week.

Before the Blowout


Drybar Prep Rally- Prime & Prep Detangler (Claire): This is the sh!t for right after the shower or for use throughout the day! Prep Rally will get your hair ready for any styling and will tame your hair when you need it.


Kenra Platinum- Blow-Dry Spray (McClellan): Kenra, Kenra, KENRA! We love using this spray before drying to #guarantee soft hair.


Oribe- Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray (Reed Ashton): This lightweight all-in-one mist will protect your hair from heat, give it shine, and give it body. Oh! And it smells amazing. What else could you want?


GHD IV- Straightener (Janie): One #favorite straightener! We love this one because it never pulls your hair, heats up quickly and won’t leave your hair looking flat. Use it to curl your hair, too!


Oribe- Texture Spray (Eleanor): Texture spray just might be everyone’s new secret power! Spray a little of this after you style your hair too give it that extra little “Oomf!” of volume and perfection. Whenever you are too lazy to blowout your hair, use some of this & a 2″ curling iron to give the same “blowout look.”

When You Need a Little Extra Hand


Elizabeth and James Nirvana- Dry Shampoo (Meg): Everyone needs to purchase some #DryShampoo now! We like to keep a little bottle of this in our purse or car for those days when you just don’t have time to do your hair & you might need a little freshening up!


Amika- Silken Up Dry Conditioner (McClellan): We also love this dry shampoo too! It will make your hair smelling FABULOUS! (Pair this with a texture spray to help create the world’s best messy bun)


IGK Laid- Back- Defrizz and Anti-Static Spray (Josie): Introducing a Southerner’s best friend. We have all had days when the humidity gets to our hair more than it should & when it seems that it will never cooperate. IGK Laid Back will tone it down and give it a finished look. HALLELUJAH!

Hopefully, this will help you do your “do!” We always love hearing about new products, so come stop in our store if you have any other must-haves that we need to know about! Happy styling!!


The Cicada Girls

Date: January 24, 2018
Posted by: Anne-Marie Varnell
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