Guys Just Don’t Understand

What do men know about fashion anyway?? Let me tell you, most of them down here don’t know a whole lot!

You know when you find the PERFECT pair of jeans, sunglasses, or shoes and finally get to wear them out with your main man? Then, BOOM, he hits you with a classic, unfashionable and rude response which shows his complete inability to recognize the fashion genius that you are. Read the below real comments about our fashion from some of the men in our lives and see if you can relate…

Classic dad comment on ripped jeans: “I hope you didn’t pay good money for those. I could that for you for free.”


“Do you need some money… your jeans have holes in them.”


Oblivious Boyfriend on bandannas/scarves: “Are you working on the farm today?”


Random, inappropriate man’s comment about chokers: “Are you wearing a dog collar?”


Husband’s (who should know better) opinion of bracelets/cuffs: “It looks like you just broke out of an expensive prison.”


If you are a victim of one or more of these tasteless comments, don’t worry, that just means you really do have style!


Date: September 6, 2017
Posted by: Anne-Marie Varnell