Cicada’s Guide to NYC

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We just got back from market and what an amazing trip it was! I mean really. What could be better than walking the streets of New York City, shopping around for the most incredible pieces for our store (and for ourselves, too– oops), plus the eating & drinking!

After this year’s market and the summers that some of us spent in NYC, the Cicada Girls have the inside scoop and local knowledge on what’s GOOD, GREAT and #NOT #WORTH #IT.

From sights to see, foods to eat, and music to power you through all of it in a weekend, let’s get to it! After all, we only have a New York Minute!

Places to EAT!

-Delicatessen SoHo

-Butcher’s Daughter


-Vandal Lower East Side (the walls are entirely decorated with graffiti)

-Beauty and Essex (LOOK @ those Grilled Cheese Dumplings w/ Tomato Soup!!)


-wafels & dinges  (for a street sweet☺️)


-Catch NYC


Places to DRINK!

-Hudson Commons (cool rooftop w/ hammocks)


-Mr. Purple (GREAT rooftop view that is perfect for pictures)

-Rose Bar

-Press Lounge (&& THAT VIEW)FullSizeRender

Places to GO! 

Bergdorf’s on 5th Ave (AMAZING!)


Below: Dressing room in the Linda pop-up in Bergdorfs. These are some of her fashion show invitations through the years.


Linda Farrow Display in Bergdorfs

IMG_4236.JPG IMG_4235.JPGWalk around Central Park (or ride bikes!)


Smorgasburg in Brooklyn (walk the Brooklyn Bridge over if you want to help cancel out some calories. Take the subway back though, because the “food baby” will be real.)


-Check out the sample sales that you walk by! You can find the dates of specific ones online. It is a great way to get amazing pieces for a good price!

-Boat Cruises on the Hudson


Things that were OVERRATED!

As much as everyone thinks that Times Square is the epitome of New York City, it is not. It is always extremely crowded, twice as expensive, and lacks the energy and creativity that the rest of the city truly holds. If you MUST make your way to Times Square, go to see the red spinning top chairs at the edge of Times Square on the corner of 46th & Broadway.

If you are trying to get an overhead view of the city, skip the Empire State Building and head over to Top of the Rock. It is entirely less crowded and offers a beautiful 360-degree view of the city.

Music you NEED!

Whether walking around town or through the stores, these songs will always take us back to NYC 💗



The Cicada Girls

Date: October 4, 2017
Posted by: Anne-Marie Varnell
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