Get Your Glow On: A Tanning Guide

Warmer weather and Spring Formals are on their way! HOORAY!  Only one thing…who else is feeling a little paler than they would like to for those short dresses and tank tops? Well, we have your tanning regimen covered so that you don’t have to be!

There is something about that extra glow that gives us an extra boost of confidence. But, sometimes we get confused what steps we need to take to get that perfectly bronzed skin. So, we’ve got some options for you, everything Fake Bake, Spray Tan, Self-Tan & Suntan!

Fake Bake: We prefer to stay away from tanning beds, but they are still some people’s go-to!

If you choose a bed that you lay down in, flipping over half-way through your time, you will get a more even tan! Be sure to use the towel to cover your face to protect it from burning and wrinkles and to cover your body with tanning bed lotion before entering.

Many standing beds are known to give a darker tan. You are also not as likely to burn in standing beds since your sweat isn’t collecting in concentrated places that further attract the light.

We know a lot of people that like using the tanning beds at Sunsations, too!! (They also have a nice Mystic Tan spray tan machine)

Spray Tan:  If you do not tan easily or if you need a tan & you need it FAST, spray tans are the golden key! However, spray tans require more steps and research.


Make sure that you are showered and shaved before you get your spray tan. We also recommend using an exfoliator in the shower to remove any dead skin. This will help to give you a more even tan and will help it last longer. Be sure to put lotion on your knees, elbows, hand, and feet before you are sprayed in order to avoid overtanning the areas (Yikes!).  Also, people typically spray tan completely nude or with a pair of underwear on. TIP: If you have a fresh mani/pedi, coat your nails with Vaseline or lotion to avoid staining your nail color!


Wipe your hands and bottom of your feet after application to avoid looking too “orange.” Wait 12 hours or as long as you can before showering. We suggest wearing loose clothing in the meantime so that your tan is not rubbed (and stay out of the rain and avoid working out/sweating until showering). If you get your spray tan in the afternoon, wait until the next morning to shower & wash your sheets if needed.

23737973_1021495857990208_4367947810825418760_oMany Ole Miss Rebelettes have said that they prefer getting their spray tans at Suthern Oasis and that they do a great job!10633496_10154775952170085_8250965792821043531_oLa Rousse also does a great spray tan and has heaters on for the people being sprayed so that they are not freezing cold!

Many girls in sororities also give spray tans as their own side business. If you are not wanting to spend very much money and you are a little nervous about using a machine or having a stranger spray you, this is a great option that you might feel more comfortable with!

Self-Tan: If you are pressed for time or just need a little bronzing, DIY is the way to go! With using self-tanner still be sure to shower and shave before application. After you apply foam tanner, wait for it to dry before putting on your clothing. We recommend re-showering 30min-1hr after putting self-tanner on to get rid of some of that all too familiar “spray tan smell.” With the lotions, we like to put those on before bed and then shower the next morning. Self-tanners often do not give as dramatic results and your other options and typically require multiple applications.sttropeztan

!! FIND IT AT ZOE !! St. Tropez is AMAZING and so easy to apply! Pump the tanning foam onto the hand mitt to ensure a more even coating!


With any foam self-tanner, shake the bottle beforehand to make sure that the solution is well mixed! If you don’t want to spend too much money on tanner, supermarkets like Walmart have a good selection of foams that are just as efficient! (Stay away from self-spraying cans though. These are harder to use on your own and do not go on as evenly.)


Loving Tan is one of our favorite tanning lotions that requires little hassle and is perfect before bed! Use this lotion several days before any big event that you might want that tan for, or use it continuously throughout the season.

Suntan: Ahhh the OG Tanner! First and foremost, WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN. You should wear sunscreen on your face daily, but especially when you are outside in the sun. Wearing a light sunscreen will protect your skin and keep you from going straight from pale to burnt. We are a fan of alternating between sunscreen & tanning oil applications or using them together. Here are some of our favorite tanning oils that actually do the trick!


Bain de Soleil’s Orange Gelée is a tanning miracle worker! It smells like cinnamon and will even get people who have the hardest time tanning, looking bronzed & beautiful! A little dab of it will rub nicely into tanning oil to cover your whole body.



Maui Babe is also a crowd favorite and this coffee smelling tanning lotion will get you tan from one day out in the sun! Be sure not to get this guy on your light bathing suits though. Otherwise, you will want to wash the browning lotion out right after laying out!

Hopefully, this Glow Guide helps to make getting that perfect tan a lot easier and a little less intimidating! Now, go show off those tan legs!! Come stop by our store to tell us if you have any other topics you would like us to cover!


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Date: March 21, 2018
Posted by: Anne-Marie Varnell