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IMG_1283.jpgI think there is a common misconception that quantity > quality.  I am going to the first to tell you not to over pack. With proper planning, suitcase organization, and (my biggest secret yet) dry cleaning, you can look fabulous for a week with only a few pieces.

*The key to packing is planning and consolidating.*

Laying out your outfits beforehand will help eliminate pieces that won’t have a purpose during your travel. Pack clothes that can be layered to offer a whole new look without having to actually stuff another piece into your suitcase. When you are packing up your toiletries, you don’t need EVERYTHING. Skip the eye cream and say hello to your multipurpose friend: face oil. Using travel and sample sizes and rolling your clothes will also help to cut down the bulk!

Here is my personal outfit guide that got me through a week in New York without having to lug 50lbs around with me.

Day 1:On the plane (wear this both in & out of town)

*** When your on the plane, plug your headphones in and check out our favorite playlist linked at the bottom! Plugging in those headphones to listen to music or to tune into a podcast is the perfect distraction that I need when taking off and landing! (It might be the perfect subtle hint that you want some “You time”, too)

See By Chloe Top + La Vie Denim Jumpsuit

Wear your cross-body purse on the plane & pack your clutch! This way you can keep track of all of your travel info & have your quick cosmetic fixes ready and on hand.

La Vie Denim Jacket + White Rag & Bone + Denim + Gucci Shoes


This look is comfortable, easy to move around in and is bada** !IMG_1135

Day 3:

Jumpsuit + La Vie Denim Jacket + Golden Goose + Your favorite tee


Back again with my favorite jumpsuit!  It’s funny how switching up the layers completely changes the look! IMG_1132

Day 4:

See By Chloe Top + Pine Pants + Gucci Shoes

IMG_1142.jpgIMG_1130This top and these pants make the perfect professional outfit with some added sass. I mentioned dry cleaning earlier and it will be your new travel best friend! Just drop off your clothes & don’t worry about it until its needed in your next outfit.

Day 5:

Sweater + See By Chloe


Throw the See By Chloe button up under a white sweater and jump into some gucci shoes to glam up your look! The layers don’t only enhance an outfit but will also keep you a little warmer this time of year!

Day 6: Back to the jumpsuit!

La Vie Denim Jacket + Jumpsuit + Golden Goose



The slightly puffed shoulder and frayed neckline of this jacket add some sass to this look. The jumpsuit is sure to catch eyes and the Golden Goose shoes will protect your feet as you run around town!

And I always, ALWAYs remember to have an extra…. ponytail, a pair of undies, a set of contacts, and shoe bag (to store dirty clothes).



Whatever your packing routine is, hopefully, this can help it out 🙂 If you have extra travel tips come stop by the store because we always would love to hear another!

Happy Thanksgiving & happy traveling!!




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Date: November 22, 2017
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